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Ake Abadi

"Honey Lemon" Good for your health. Refreshing & healthy for a deep throat!

Bring a happy smile to your dial with our gentle and light flavour honey and lemon fruit drink. Enjoy chilled straight from the fridge!

Great Value products provide families with affordable, high quality grocery and household consumable options!

This drink mix makes it easy to enjoy a healthy beverage at the gym, in the office or on the go.

For more than a decade, Ake Abadi has adhered to tradition and continue to preserve the local and domestic beverage market.

Our selling point : pH Balance (pH 7), Perfect for all ages, Contains Natural ION, Enhanced with oxygen - 30% Better packaging

Ake Abadi
AKE Gallon

AKE Gallon is available in 19 liters size. It is produced for the convenient use in houses, restaurants, hotels, and offices. Our Gallon is using Grade 1A and anti-spill cap with quality seal, to provide maximum quality assurance.

Ake Abadi
AKE Bottle

AKE Bottle is packed in PET Bottle to offer convenience for people that always on the go. It is available in : 330 ml, 500 ml, and 1,500 ml size

Ake Abadi

AKE Cup is packed in 220 ml and 120ml cup with a straw that is available upon the counter. It is very convenient and has competitive factor in price. Usually used during parties, events and picnics.

Packed in juice has competitive factor in price!

It tastes smoother and cooler than 100% juice. An attached straw let you be convenient for drinking. Packed in 190 ml plastic cup.

Ake Abadi
AKE Strawberry Flavored Juice

Filled with goodness of strawberry! Beat this summer with the easy to prepare and our refreshing taste drink

Ake Abadi
AKE Pineapple Flavored Juice

Jump start your morning with a refreshing glass of this pineapple! it is a good source of calcium to help start your day.

Ake Abadi
AKE Orange Flavored Juice

Classic orange flavor and bright color; makes refreshing drink people will love!