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About Us

The No.1 Local Beverage Industry Ake Abadi

Ake Abadi first stepped into the Indonesian beverage market in 2000 with AKE Mineral Water. Ever since then, the company has been devoted to continuos development and provided the public with qualified products. For more than a decade, Ake Abadi has adhered to tradition and continue to preserve the local and domestic beverage market.

Ake Abadi Ake Abadi
We Value Water

Our bodies are over 70% water and water is essential to our well-being. At Ake Abadi, this valuable water is the basis of all our products

Friendly customer service and satisfaction

Customers are no. 1 at Ake Abadi. We do our best to reach out to our customers.

Devotion and dedication

Ake Abadi have been devoted to manufaturing high-quality products and will continue to walk on this singular path.

Protecting the environment

At Ake Abadi, we have our WWTP (Waste Water Treatment) installed because we are very concerned about our waste and environment.

How It Works

History of Ake Abadi